Lucas Cereijido

Hi, I’m a designer and creator based in Brooklyn, NY. I’m currently the Art Director / Marketing Coordinator at Candylab Toys. My work includes branding, marketing, visual identity design, UX design, illustration and animation.
(213) 716-0514 
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Frankenstein Cover Redesign

coursework - graphic design
Wesleyan University

For this project in Graphic Design at Wesleyan University, I redesigned the book jacket for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. After researching and sketching, I decided to focus on the idea of amalgamation. While the monster is a combination of human parts, the novel itself is a sort of Frankenstein’s monster, as Shelley incorporates many different voices and texts to tell the story. My book jacket communicates this typographically through a jarring combination of Bodoni and Futura.