Lucas Cereijido

Hi, I’m a designer and creator based in Brooklyn, NY. I’m currently the Art Director / Marketing Coordinator at Candylab Toys. My work includes branding, marketing, visual identity design, UX design, illustration and animation.
(213) 716-0514 
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graphic design - branding - 3D
Wesleyan University 
Senior Art Studio thesis

Cradle to Grave is an explorative visual critique of the tropes and tactics of child consumerism. Brambi is an imaginary company that draws from the vast new world of online algorithm-driven media targeted at children. Cradle to Grave compiles and remixes visual content to create an incoherent clutter of children’s themes and beloved characters stripped of narrative context.

Brambi’s visual identity focuses on the infinite faces staring into children’s eyes — mouths widened with appetite, eyes enlarged with madness. In this world there is no story, no lesson, only senseless stimulation and the indifferent algorithmic deconstruction and recomposition of recognizable figures.