Lucas Cereijido

Hi, I’m a designer and creator based in Brooklyn, NY. I’m currently the Art Director / Marketing Coordinator at Candylab Toys. My work includes branding, marketing, visual identity design, UX design, illustration and animation.
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Absalon Identity Redesign

coursework - visual identity design
DIS Copenhagen

While studying abroad at DIS in Copenhagen, my final project for Graphic Design was to reimagine the visual identity for Absalon, a privately run culturehouse started in 2015. Located in an old church in Vesterbro, Absalon offers meals, dancing, yoga, games, live music, coffee, and over 60 events per week to anybody who is interested. Inside the church is a giant public living room where every surface is painted with vibrant colors.

These colors, along with Absalon's architecture and eccentricity, were the inspiration for the visual identity I developed. The logo is an A that is meant to resemble the arches throughout the church architecture. I also developed six patterns based on the church's geometry as graphic elements to accompany the logo.